Strategic Hours in The samsung company Essay

Sincerity Management

Building a Creative Business Culture | Respecting Global Diversity

Business Creation

Company value originates from efficiency, which will originates from the corporate culture and a talented workforce. Samsung Electronics look for the utmost productivity through a existence / operate balance and candid communications with workers in addition to transparent organization practices. Samsung Electronics techniques the value of " Talent Management” in its daily business actions. Business Creation is all about us.


Building a Innovative Corporate Traditions for Eco friendly Development


Global available HRM

/ Energetic and strategic HRM

Creative efficiency Trust-based mutually -based HRM -beneficial HRM

Recruiting and retaining innovative talent

Securing leadership in R& G

Establishing advanced global HRM systems

Building a creative and passionate work place Strategic career management and a perpetually stable labor-management relationship


Achieving global diversity

Using next-generation organizational models

Cultivating world leading expertise






Priority Concerns in Sincerity Management in Samsung Electronic devices Promoting a creative organizational traditions Building a good work place (GWP) Talent supervision Human resources expansion Education to get enhancing key competencies Recruiting and maintaining global expertise Fair evaluation and compensation for functionality Respecting individual rights and variety Labor-management co-operation and dealing with employees' issues


Our Plan for 2009

Expanding the " Versatile Time” program Conducting worker education of at least 100 person-hours per worker Selecting and employing talented disabled professional trainees

Integrity Management

Creating a Creative Company Culture

Annual Employee Education Person-Hours



Hyun-Jun Choi, Personnel Design Technology Team, System LSI. Business Division Su-Jin Roh, Staff Sales two Group, Program. LSI Organization Division

Spotlight in 08

Very High: Excessive: Low:

Using " Versatile Time” system to maximize employee creativity Monitoring " Over-time Work” to enhance life quality of workers

Material issues regarding " Building a Creative Corporate Culture” Issues Discovered Promoting a creative organizational traditions Building a Great Work Place (GWP) Talent administration Stakeholder Impact C Electronic I L G G N The samsung company Electronics' Response Encouraging suggestions for work method improvement, using " Flexible Time” plan and continuing to improve operating environments

Human resources development Education for boosting core expertise

Utilizing GWP index in corporate traditions analysis and strengthening corporate culture improvement initiatives Keeping competent labor force, supporting employees' self-development for competencebuilding, featuring sound company environments Operating education programs to foster nextgeneration leadership, global competency, and job specialists Training in major functions and jobs, providing teaching programs associated with work-site functions of each business division



C -- Customers, E - Staff, I - Investors / Shareholders, M - Community Communities, G - Authorities, P -- Partners, N - NGO, NPO

Endorsing a Creative Organizational Culture

Motivating Suggestions for Job Process Improvement

Samsung Consumer electronics implements various programs to compliment employees' suggestions so that suggestions can bear fruit. We offer incentives for the filing of patents, give a knowledge management to share competence and knowledge amongst staff, and support community activities. We also offer incentives pertaining to idea recommendations to motivate our staff to proactively participate in knowledge sharing within just Samsung Gadgets. As a result, an overall total of 3, 515 patents had been filed in the U. S i9000. in 2008.

Adopting a versatile Time plan



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