Copywriting Tips for Headlines

When it comes to advertising copy, you’ll need a few copywriting tips for your headline. You must understand that your headline makes the first impression of your product and company. Whether you’re offering services or offering products, your headline makes or breaks your company.

 Not only does your headline need to be attention-grabbing, but also must convince consumers to continue reading about your products, services, and company. With all the competition in business today and the advent of the World Wide Web your headline can get lost within the multitude of companies and products available.

It’s not uncommon to classify advertising headlines into different categories.

You’ll find the first category is usually considered news. News introduces consumers to events. Whether it it’s an event of opening a new office, designing a new logo, or offering a new product or service, news about your company is a great way to use advertising and headlines.

Another type of headline and sales category is the guarantee or promise. Your headline will then convince the reader to continue reading. In order to understand what promises you make or guarantees your product or services have along with its purchase. Make sure that your guarantee and promise is rock solid and not just a bunch of fluff. Your company’s reputation depends on consumers being able to trust your guarantee.

Another category is called selective. This is a way of targeting your demographic consumers. It helps consumers understand why they should use your product or service, and allows them to understand why their particular demographic niche needs this company offer.

Another category is a curiosity headline category. This may be a way of asking questions within the headline that can be answered later down in the body of the advertising copy. Many times consumers have a problem they need to solve, and you can use your headline to ask a question and provide an answer.

Don’t forget one of the last categories, the demand category. This is a strong category that asks for action from the consumer. Many types of sales copy can use this form, but be careful that you’re not trying too hard or trying to force the consumer, they’ll back off if they feel that you’re pushing too hard.

Along with the content in your headline, you also need to have the layout and design. Headline type is usually a bit larger, and you want it attractive, easy to read and distinctive. The headline is actually what convinces the consumer to read further and then purchase your product. Your attention to detail about this small part in your overall sales copy really is needed. Copywriting tips for your advertising headline can be found in many places, but make sure that it’s a headline that builds trust, calls for action and convinces the reader to read on.