Cheap Travel Tips

Traveling with your family can be great fun, however, it can also be expensive. There are tips that can help such as traveling in the off-season. Traveling in the fall can be a good option because it can reduce airfare and hotel costs. In addition, there are fewer crowds to deal with as well as not having to wait in long lines. However, be careful not to travel during rainy seasons that could spoil your trip.

Check out Small Town Life Go Local

Another way to save money on a trip is by getting off the beaten path and checking out small town life and luscious country sides. Still another way to save money on a family trip is by going local. You may not know it but local restaurants, accommodations, and transportation are less costly than what you would pay at chain restaurants and hotels.

In addition, by going local you can become more involved in the local culture. Local guest houses and riding in double-decker buses give you better opportunities to interact with those who live in the area.

Try a Vacation Rental

Everyone knows how expensive eating out is, however, by renting a vacation rental that has a kitchenette you can save on a few meals. In addition, when eating out, talk with the hotel staff about the local restaurants and which ones are more affordable. Local farmer’s markets can also extend your traveling budget.

Most importantly, be sure to plan some free time. Of course, it is important to visit sites that are interesting and appealing, however, you should also take the time to relax and just enjoy the surroundings. Feeding the pigeons, going on picnics and swimming can be relaxing and great fun.

Use Public Transportation and Enjoy the Sites!

Other ways to enjoy your trip but not spend a lot of money are taking advantage of public transportation such as the train, bus or subway. These are great ways to see more of the area and a fun way to share the sights and sounds with your family. Be sure to also take advantage of the rest stops along the way. They can be great places to stretch your legs, enjoy a snack and converse with the locals.

Group Discounts and Traveling Early in the Week 

Some may not know it but group discounts can save you a lot of money especially if you have more than six in your group. Walking tours and museums often cater to large groups and that can lessen your expenses.

Savings when Traveling by Air

When going by plane, the best rates can be found by traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Be sure to also minimize the number of bags you check in and find out if it costs more to pay overweight charges for a large bag or to pay for several multiple bags. In addition, sign up for frequent flyer miles on airlines and loyalty programs with hotel chains.

To conclude, traveling with your family can be great fun, however, to ensure that your   trip is enjoyable and affordable, check out the many ways you can save money